Monday, 5 May 2014

Wrong Tern

An evening seawatch off Dawlish Warren saw a couple of Roseate Tern head south, they then lingered off Dawlish and were joined by at least two others before continuing south. I decided I would try and connect with them off the Teign so hotfooted it back to Teignmouth. In a short while I was in position at the yacht club when news came through of a fifth bird heading south close in past Dawlish; excellent I thought if I had missed the first four at least the last bird would add itself to my Teign list.

By dark I had been proven wrong, they never arrived, however at least 87 of the 97 Manx Shearwater seen off Dawlish did pass south offshore, so where do the terns go? The only other birds passing were a single Whimbrel and a mixed flock of five Dunlin and four Ringed Plover that headed into the estuary.

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  1. Perhaps they passed so close that you missed them while looking through the scope? Or perhaps they decided to roost between Dawlish and Teignmouth!? Where do birds as dainty as Roseate Terns roost/sleep at night anyway; on the sea? on a buoy? on a beach? or on the wing!?