Saturday 26 April 2014

Back ache ends play

I had a five hour seawatch from Teignmouth today from 10:00 - 15:15. The conditions looked promising, however the forecast heavy rain didn't really materialize. I was joined by Robin for the first half.

Great Skua over rough seas
 Totals for the five hours with everything moving south were:

202+ Manx Shearwater - one of which flew in and loitered off the Yacht Club posing nicely for some photos.
7 Arctic Terns - one came really close and flew right over the base of the pier!
1 Common Tern
8 'commic' terns - too far out for me, but could also have been arctics.
c94 Whimbrel - two large flocks of 30 and 40.
2 Great Skuas - lingered offshore for a while. Kev paid a short visit to see them just as they moved off towards Hope's Nose.
1 Skua sp. - really distant. Wasn't an arctic, couldn't see any white in the primaries. Had some warm tones in, so could well have been a young Pomarine Skua.
1 Great Northern Diver
36 Fulmar
57 auk sp.
c43 Sandwich Terns
38 Kittiwake
1 Great Crested Grebe

Manx Shearwater close in
I'm a bit annoyed I didn't see a Little Tern. One flew south past the Warren while I was at Teignmouth, and despite being informed about it, I didn't manage to pick it up.

As the title suggests, sitting on a camping stool for five hours isn't the comfiest of things, so after the five hours I gave up and went home.
Great Skua

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