Friday 26 April 2013

Whimbrel & Dunlin

The change overnight to cooler and clearer conditions didn't do much for the migrant situation, with only a Wheatear of note on the racecourse this morning. I bumped into Laurie and expressed my wish for a patch Red Kite - although not for several hours after I'd left, which is when one was seen over Hackney Marshes! There was some small consolation off Passage House this evening, with 3 Whimbrel and 3 Dunlin foraging out on the mud, plus 2 Common Sandpipers.


  1. I absolutely don’t believe it! I’ve been so unlucky!!! urhh!!
    I managed to see 4 Wheatears on the racecourse, on the field surrounded by the metal fence.

  2. And Will, can you remember the code on the ringed Mute Swan – I’ve forgotten it!

    You didn't happen to see a Montagu’s Harrier this evening? It's quite possible it went through our patch if it was heading SW!

  3. It was NY9 I think. Funnily enough no Monties - that and the Red Kite are both 'right place right time' sort of birds!