Tuesday 9 April 2013

Nice little fall

I headed out to Bundle head at about 14:00. Probably should have gone a lot earlier, but as the conditions remained misty, I thought that migrants may have actually been building up throughout the day.

On the walk from the train station through Teignmouth, I saw two Willow Warblers - good start I thought! At Bundle Head, there were less birds than I expected however. The bulk of birds was made up by five Willow Warblers and seven Chiffchaff, however a change from the dull browns and greens of the commoner migrants was provided by a Firecrest and a male Redstart. I got superb views of the Firecrest which stayed in the same bush throughout my visit feeding on flies. I picked up the Redstart flitting between the bramble patches, and managed to obtain good views but it soon passed on inland.

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