Thursday, 19 December 2013

Not a Cattle Egret

On Monday I went to Teigngrace, and after a bit of field scanning, found this small white blob...

I know it's not a cow, but it didn't stop me from thinking I was going to see a Cattle Egret when I looked through my scope! Sadly it had a black beak :( Definitely worth checking this area - it's had some before I believe.

Tuesday was my birthday (not a teenager anymore!), and I didn't feel like braving the rain on Wednesday, so today I made the most of the nicer weather and had a look around Decoy.

The Scaup was still there, the Tufted Duck count had increased to 40, and a Kingfisher was fishing from a branch.

After checking the lake, I had a walk around the woodland where there were c.200 Redwings, a couple of Sparrowhawks, a few Treecreepers, lots of Nuthatches calling, but best of all, three Marsh Tits - a year tick for me.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the twenteens. Nice Marsh Tit pic

  2. Late news just reported to me a drake Mandarin at Decoy about 2-3 weeks ago. Another one for the year list (assuming the lake is in the Teign patch boundary...?)


  3. Thanks Will :)

    Added to the list - thanks Kev. And yeah, I think we have decided to have decoy in the patch - will add a map sometime over the holidays.