Tuesday 27 August 2013

Spotted Sandpiper look-alike and Whinchat

I decided to check the reed margins at Passage House today looking for something good waiting to be found. I was distracted however by three Common Sands which were feeding on the mud. Then a fourth flew in giving a sri sri sri call. I got it in the scope and saw that it had yellowish legs and a tail the same length as its wings making it look front heavy. It even appeared a little smaller than the Common Sands! This sent my heart racing for a short while before I saw that there were notches on the tertials and not much pinky orange on the beak. "Can juv Common Sand have a short tail and yellow legs?" "Can Spotted Sand show this much notching?" were the questions going through my head! Kev was able to tell me by text that, yes, they can have short tails and yellow legs, and that no, spotted doesn't show much notching. Definitely a different looking bird. It didn't even associate much with the other sandpipers (ie. stayed put when the others flew off)

On the walk back along the racecourse I heard a Yellow Wagtail overhead and saw a Whinchat (Year Tick!) feeding from a wooden fence. This photo's definitely a contender for worst on the blog, but I'll post it anyway.

It was digi-scoped with a super-zoom bridge camera. I'm quite pleased with it considering it was on the other side of the racecourse!

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