Saturday, 30 March 2013

Not So Good Saturday Birding

Late start, settled weather and indecisiveness is always a bad combination, and I warn you now that this isn't a one of those blog posts (that other people get to write) that starts slow and builds up to a surprise decent bird. When I eventually did get out I quickly checked Passage House. I arrived two hours after high tide and there wasn't much around wader wise apart from four Greenshank, six Redshank and c.20 Curlew, and there was nothing of interest in the gulls. I then checked both Arch Brook and Flow Point and again there was nothing of note. 

I eventually ended up at Bundle Head. A female Stonechat was in the brambles which was new for the year. I've seen a pair here in the past and it's good to see them back. In an attempt to have something to post on the blog, I practiced using my new camera and got some ropey pictures of Wood Pigeon, Kestrel, Raven, Wren and the Stonechat that not even I'm prepared to post and my photo standards are low. I then had a look offshore from the clifftop and saw three Sandwhich Tern feeding close in. I noticed one of the birds was the same as the others and thought wait a that....a.....a......Sandwich Tern!!! And it was. On my way home I bought a cheap sausage roll and worried a bit about my pastry consumption levels.

I received news of a female Black Restart at Teignmouth Rugby Club that I'll go for tomorrow, and other information websites reported that the female Ring Ouzel did return to the racecourse, the Firecrest was still at Hackney Marshes and a Marsh Harrier was seen at both Coombe Cellars and Hackney yesterday.

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