Sunday 18 June 2023

Osprey, WeBS

Thanks to the local gulls sounding the alarm I was able to pick up an Osprey over my house heading towards the estuary at 13:45 yesterday. This is the second June Osprey on the patch in three years, with another bird following almost the same flight path in 2021. 

Typical mid-June fare around the estuary this morning: 134 Canada Geese, 49 Mute Swans, 14 Mallards, 12 adult Shelducks plus two juveniles, 18 Black-headed Gulls, 16 Little Egrets, 16 Oystercatchers, 15 Curlew and six Cormorants. A Coot was heard over Teignmouth last night with a Green Sandpiper on Wednesday night.

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