Friday 6 May 2016

Antipodean (or maybe even Dutch) vagrants...

Just after 8pm on Wednesday 4th May a flock of five Black Swan flew south past Teignmouth, a slightly odd record, but Black Swan is an occasional sight around the patch. These have been presumed to originate either from the captive Dawlish birds or the feral breeding pair that were on the Exe for a couple of years.

What makes these birds slightly different is that they have been tracked along the south coast from Hampshire at least. The flock was at Keyhaven in 2nd May, stopping off at Christchurch Harbour and then Dawlish on the 4th May before flying past Teignmouth that evening and then pitching up at Slapton Ley on the 5th. Where next?


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  2. They hAve now been seen in Portreath, Cornwall