Wednesday, 18 June 2014


There are good numbers of Mute Swan at Passage House at the moment, around 45. I only saw the legs of about 15 birds, but out of them, three had rings. Two I've seen before - lime green NY9 and yellow YYN. The other was new in - lime green WI9. It's an RSPCA bird rescued in Somerset last autumn where it was found trapped on a bridge over a weir. It was released near Honiton in the winter.

Yellow YYH has also been around recently (another new one) - ringed at Abbotsbury as an adult in 2005.

The Curlew flock has increased to 20, and Black-headed Gull numbers are steadily building - c30 on the estuary yesterday from the train. The female Comb Duck has also reappeared at Newton Abbot Quay. I wonder where it went?

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