Monday, 27 May 2013

An Afternoon's Seawatch

The weather looked okay for a bit of seawatching today so I decided to watch for the whole afternoon to make up for my lack of seawatching this spring. I started watching at 12:30. Most birds were seen in the first three hours, and after that it became very quiet, so I finished at 17:30. Here is a list of what I saw. Pretty much everything was moving south.

Manxies c371 - There were quite a few lingering offshore so I might have double counted some, however they were all moving south.
Arctic Skua 1 (Dark Phase) - Chasing the terns.
Diver sp. 1 - Distant flying north.
Fulmar 16
Gannet c130
Dunlin 5
Kittiwake c270
Common Tern c24
'Commic' Tern c30 - probably a couple of arctics, but to far out for me to be sure.
Turnstone 1
Shelduck 2 - north
Auks c280 - All of the ones that I could identify were Guillemots.
Swift 10 - south over the sea.
Swallow 1 - ditto

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