Saturday, 25 July 2020

Yellow-legged Gull?

Waders at Passage House this morning included three Greenshank, three Common Sandpipers and four Whimbrel, with a handful of Sandwich Terns, including a couple of juveniles, fishing down river.

This gull caught my eye when it took flight:

The dark wings, inner primaries, and pale white rump looked spot on for Yellow-legged Gull, however, when it landed, the notched tertials and speckling in greater coverts, as well as the rather 'soft' look suddenly left it looking like 'just' a Herring Gull. I'd be grateful for any opinions.


  1. I am getting a more LBBG vibe from that bird. The inner primaries have only the faintest of pale in them, within range of LBBG and that thick black tail band looks better for LBBG than YLG.

    1. Thanks Steve. Yes I agree, the tail band looks good for LBBG. I've never seen one with that extent of notching in the tertials though. They've always been super clean and crisp!